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Festival Ready

Festivals are all about good vibes and great music. Sounds like a great place to be, but prices and locations can be the reasons that conflict with attending them. No one should have to miss out all the festival fever, so why not transform your own room to be festival inspired. That's why i'll be giving…

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Study Abroad Guide to Florence, Italy

Today I have officially been living in Florence, Italy for 3 months. This was my first study abroad experience and…

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HOLI Wow! HOLI Cow! HOLI Moly!

A few Sunday's ago (06 Apr 2014) was Holi at Vanderbilt, and exactly as it was advertised, it is the…

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Whether you're a transfer student or still in high school, this post applies to you! I should probably put a…

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Dear Diary

Most people hate writing. I mean hate writing more than you already have to for school right? Well, I realized…

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Dress to Impress

Brace yourselves: it's that time of year where recruiters are out head hunting for summer interns and new hires straight…

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A Skyline for Your Walls

I love Do It Yourself projects and i love it even more when i see the final product. I'm currently…

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From Hollywood to Home: Carrie Bradshaw

Since I was little, I've always admired the rooms of my favorite heroines in movies. From Cher Horowitz to Mia…

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#Top #Overused #Hashtags

Cue Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake 1.     #ican’t It’s crazy how often you can hear people (namely girls) say, “Oh my…

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Stylights: Spring Preview

In just a few weeks, Dormify's site will be filled with new, awesome products. At our headquarters in New York…

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