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Become a Style Advisor

Do you have a great eye for style? A passion for posh? Are you charming, energetic and an overall fun-loving person? Well then we want you to join the Dormify Brand Ambassador Program.

The special few who are chosen to become Resident Style Advisors act as style consultants to college friends who need a little—ahem—help in the interior designing department. It’s up to our Resident Style Advisors to show them the light. Literally. To expose them to fun, funky and functional design and help them transform their dorms into modern, convenient and gorgeous homes.


Why should you become a Resident Style Advisor?

As a Style Advisor, you can choose from many roles. Some of the roles involve social media/SEO learning and outreach where you will utilize social media and search engine optimization tactics to help grow the Dormify brand, design roles where you would help collaborate with product designs (must be a design major), on campus event planning, and market research. The best part? Adding the experience to your resume!


To apply to become a Brand Ambassador, please fill out the form below and expect to hear back from us in 1-2 weeks if you are chosen. From there we will give you monthly assignments (no worries though--they're pretty easy!) to fulfill your Brand Ambassador duties.


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