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Style Advisor: Amanda Antosh

avatar School: Towson University Alumni I’m one of those people who likes to completely rearrange their room every couple of months. Not only does it bring an entirely new and fresh feel to the room, it keeps me organized since I’ll often clean things out and throwaway junk when I do this. Sometimes I’ll even give my room a new coat of paint and throw on a new duvet cover for a different color scheme (and now that I know about the temporary wallpaper on Dormify I will certainly be using this)! I simply love decorating—especially when it comes to holidays and events. I enjoy shopping for decorations just as much as I enjoy making them myself. DIY projects are a hobby of mine; I love creating something unique and personal. My decorating style is hard to define as I pretty much like everything from vintage to modern. It has to do with the feel of the room—any theme can be done extremely well. It’s about finding a balance by mixing trendy pieces with your personal taste and making it all come together. I’d love to see how you style your space and offer any advice or tips you need!

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