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Style Advisor: Artrell Knight

avatar School: Clark Atlanta University Hello all! My name is Artrell Knight and I am a print journalism major at Clark Atlanta University. I first fell in love with fashion when I began playing dress up in my grandmother's closet. It was like a whole new world filled with vintage fabrics and styles I had never seen before. Now at 19 years old, I aspire to be the next Guilianna Rancic and be a leader in the world of fashion journalism. Entering my junior year in college, my style has seriously evolved and my dorm shall do the same. The look of my dorm room this year will be more neat and put together while still elegant, fun and most importantly comfortable. Your dorm is more than just a place to study. Your dorm is essentially a home away from home, so make it fell that way! Oh and follow me on twitter @DaneaRock!

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