Style Advisor: Allison May

avatar School: James Madison University
Most people say they can hear me before they actually see me. I would say this is an accurate description of my personality and the way I live my life. Growing up in Northern Virginia, I have been accustomed to impatient people, dense traffic, and mass amounts of shopping centers. I am currently a senior marketing major with a concentration in European studies at James Madison University located in Harrisonburg, Virginia and welcome the small-town pace, one-lane roads, and rolling hills the school has to offer. You can normally find me around campus getting involved in student activities, on the fourth floor of the library studying, watching reruns of Friends or at the local bakery eating a cupcake. Moving from a dorm room, to an apartment, and recently into a townhouse has given me the opportunity to use my loud personality to decorate a living space that my roommates and I enjoy coming back to after a long day of class and many hours spent in the boring, white-walled library. I am always on the lookout for practical and chic home furnishings and love a good flea market. The space under my bed is usually overflowing with sale items from Anthropologie that I have stockpiled for when I get my own place after college and my roommates are constantly rolling their eyes when they find me rearranging the furniture in our living room. When I found out I would be interning with Dormify, I was excited to share my experiences with college living and to help provide stylish accessories to students—something that was not available to me when I started college.

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