Style Advisor: Amanda Zuckerman

avatar School: Washington University in St. Louis - Pi Beta Phi

Amanda Zuckerman made it through her college years without bedding and dorm accouterments to suit her impeccable cool-girl taste—and made it her mission to ensure that others don’t have to. Founded in partnership with her mom, Karen Zuckerman, Amanda made it her mission, upon Dormify’s realization, to dormify (yes, it’s a verb) the world.

 Hailing from Potomac, MD, Amanda was in for a rude awakening when she started shopping for her college dorm room. She simply couldn’t find anything to fit her needs…or her style. At the Washington University in St. Louis, Amanda studied communication design and marketing at the same time that she worked with her mom to get Dormify off the ground. The initial goal (to design chic and sophisticated bedding for those pesky Twin XL dorm beds) quickly became so much more than that: Amanda’s creative eye and taste for trend inspired her to shape her business in a way that would inspire college girls—and post-grads—to infuse their own sense of style into their space, however small. In just 3½ years, she has accomplished just that, and continues to watch Dormify grow and take on a life of its own.

 As for her own personal life, Amanda enjoys photography, spending summers in Margate, New Jersey, walking around New York endlessly with her friends and piling on gold jewelry. You’ll rarely catch her without anything orange on her person, and these days, she’s kind of a vegan (kind of). As long as she’s got un-chipped dark nail polish on her fingers and avocado at every meal, she’s unstoppable—and she will Dormify you, whether you like it or not.

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