Style Advisor: Alina Marciniak

avatar School: Washington & Lee University - Alpha Delta Pi

You don’t have to be psychologist to know that you can learn a lot about a person by just looking at their living space. My off-campus house at Washington and Lee University screams personality from the moment you walk in the door. The entrance-way is a pale aqua with a row of three colorful pairs of Hunter boots and a sky blue vintage Schwinn bike. The kitchen is painted a brilliant shade of orange. It’s no secret that I love color; it’s also no secret that I live with two amazing roommates who love design as much as I do.
If you can get past the overwhelming amount of psychology textbooks, papers, and research stacked by my door, you’ll eventually find my room— my personal bohemian-inspired haven with warm avocado green walls, clusters of DIY artwork, and a Moroccan-inspired quilt. You’ll also come across a few oddities that are probably the most telling things about my personality—a framed poster of Tom Murphy’s Bison at 35 Below from Yellowstone National Park, a tea set, a large “Lex Vegas, VA” sign, and an overabundance of Alpha Delta Pi paraphernalia and pictures (I love my sorority).
As a seasoned junior at W&L, I’ve learned a few things about room decorating. 1. Have a plan of action when organizing your dorm room—make it a functional, inspirational space that you can study in and hang out in with friends. 2. See something you like that’s out of your budget? I guarantee you can make something like it yourself for a fraction of the cost. 3. Make your room tell a story about you. And finally, 4. Although it may look chic at first, you may want to reconsider white carpeting/furniture in the dorms.

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