Style Advisor: Alisha Nanwani

avatar School: George Washington University
Being a Miami girl all of my life, I am so excited to face chilly weather and city life this fall at the George Washington University. As the seasons change, I hope to experience new things while adjusting to the urban lifestyle. I have always loved lively cities, and I'm ready to enjoy the fast paced district while staying true to my relaxed nature. I love to meet interesting people and to appreciate simple things every day. I'm passionate about completing goals that I set for myself, and I do so with lists and other organizational tools that help me guide my life. I'm fascinated with all things online, and I can spend hours looking at food and fashion blogs, which lend me inspiration. Online shopping traps me every time, but I enjoy shopping in outdoor stores and sample sales where I can find unique items. I've always loved fashion, and started by sketching and getting my monthly stack of magazines to indulge in. Little things that instantly lift my mood are lip balm, sweet scented candles, hulu, strawberries, being silly with my sister, japanese chocolates, swings, pilates and a good book. Travel has been a big part of my life, not only for enjoyment but also to see my family that is spread out around the world. Observing different cultures and ways of life always compels me to live with an open mind. I hope that DC sparks new ideas and visions that I can share with you through this blog!

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