Style Advisor: Alex O'Daniel

avatar School: Florida State University - Zeta Tau Alpha

I'm a senior in high school and very interested in the arts. I was captain of my high dance team which allowed me to reach into my creative side and choreograph entertaining dances. Not only do I love dance, but fashion and design are a big part of my life. Every now and then I try to be a dare devil and change up my wardrobe, but it doesn't always work out as I would like it to. Although I do adore fashion trends, creative design comes easier to me. Ever since I was little, I have watched my Nana and Aunt decorate all different kinds of bedrooms. They showed me how fun it was to get creative in decorating a room and to achieve a personal style. I am looking forward to being creative with the amazing products Dormify has to offer to express my own personal style on my dorm room next year.

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