Style Advisor: Ashley Smith

avatar School: Towson University
Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Smith and I am a junior at Towson University. I am from Southern Maryland (Anne Arundel County) and I am a total country girl who loves country music and football (Go Redskins!). I am a Family Studies major, but I have a passion for both fashion and design. I used to always want to be an interior designer growing up but unfortunately there are no schools for that where I live. Since I am a junior I no longer live on campus or in a dorm, but I live in an apartment and share my room with my friend. I am all about making my side of the room feel like home and totally my own. I am so organized and everything has to be where it belongs (I think it's safe to say that I am a little OCD). I hope to provide you guys with some creative ideas to make your room both classy and classic.

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