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Style Advisor: Ashley Smith

avatar School: Towson University Hey everyone! My name is Ashley Smith and I am a junior at Towson University. I am from Southern Maryland (Anne Arundel County) and I am a total country girl who loves country music and football (Go Redskins!). I am a Family Studies major, but I have a passion for both fashion and design. I used to always want to be an interior designer growing up but unfortunately there are no schools for that where I live. Since I am a junior I no longer live on campus or in a dorm, but I live in an apartment and share my room with my friend. I am all about making my side of the room feel like home and totally my own. I am so organized and everything has to be where it belongs (I think it's safe to say that I am a little OCD). I hope to provide you guys with some creative ideas to make your room both classy and classic.

Recent Posts by Ashley

oil jars 5

DIY: Mason Jar Picture Project

If you follow my blogs, you already know that I am completely OBSESSED with Mason Jars. I love using them…

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holidays 1

DIY: Decorating for the Holidays

In my opinion, it's never too early to start decorating for the holidays. Take a look at how my roommates…

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tv sch 1

DIY: TV Schedule

If you watch as much TV as I do, you'll need to schedule it out to know what is on…

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cork 6

DIY: Wine Cork Projects

If your group of friends are "winos" like mine, you probably have all these wine corks laying around. Now personally…

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folder 1

Dorm Room Desk: Folder Organization

Taking five classes a semester can be extremely stressful no matter what your major. When I started this semester, I…

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paper chain 1

Paper Chain Decoration

My roommate and I were in the mood to spice up our room and she came across this fabulous paper…

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ref binder 1

DIY: Reference binder for college organization

Now that school is in full gear, don't go throwing away all your old notes and paper work! Have you…

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window sill 1

Take Advantage of your Window Sill

If your lucky enough to have a window in your dorm room or apartment and it has a sill, you…

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bedding 1

Bedding: Color Combinations

With a new dorm room or apartment you always want to make your room your own and be able to…

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bday bucket 1

DIY: 21st Birthday Bouquet

One of the highlights of being in college is when you turn 21 and are finally legal! Well, my roommate…

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