Style Advisor: Autumn Taylor

avatar School: University of Texas at Austin

My name is Autumn, and I was born in the summer. This fact is probably representative of my whole life and how I’ve often felt like a fish out of water. Living in climates as cold as Alaska to the lovely deserts of Texas, change has become the only constant I’ve found in my life. Is it any surprise, then, that I find solace in one of the most frequently changing things I know? Fashion- where every season we discard the old for the new. This is how I’ll be living my life this coming fall as I enter the University of Texas at Austin. I am majoring in journalism and will hopefully pick up a double-major in photography as well. As strange as it might sound, I’ll also be looking to minor in Scandinavian Studies. Because I’ve traveled some in my life, I’d love to study abroad with the Scandinavian countries as my first choice of destination. Something about living in the cold, massive and wondrous Alaskan climate has made me fall in love with all places cold and full of tundra. Travel is something that must simply be in my nature—I’m a wanderer at heart. I hope that my wanderings will lead me to my dream career as a fashion journalist, so I can express my love for fashion with both words and appearance. Here’s to hoping I won’t melt in Austin before I get there!

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