Style Advisor: Allison Weiss

avatar School: Arizona State University
Somehow I plan to mix sports and sophisticated style in my life! My hometown is Gaithersburg, MD, and I am currently a sophomore at ASU majoring in broadcast journalism. My decision to go across the country for college was mainly based on the beautiful weather in Arizona. Oh yes, and the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication! My passion is sports, mainly football but I also have a fine eye for fashion. I love putting new outfits together as the trends quickly change. Decorating a room was something I got to do for the first time this year, after moving out of my dorm into an apartment. My roommates make fun of me because I have an excessive amount of throw pillows on my bed. Seriously, you can never have enough! One challenge I faced going to school across the country was getting all of my stuff back and forth. There are many simple solutions for anyone looking to go to school on the west coast. Living on the opposite side of the country for a portion of the year has allowed me to experience style and design in different ways. I hope that by the end of my four years studying at ASU I will have enough talent and drive to become an on-field sports broadcaster who is looked at for not only her knowledge in sports but her chic style as well. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to write for Dormify and I cant wait to share all my creative ideas with everyone!

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