Style Advisor: Becca Denenberg

avatar School: University of Michigan - Chi Omega

I’m the kind of girl who gets excited about everything. When something captures my imagination and attention, I automatically put 200% of my energy into it. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am an enthusiastic person, fun, and exciting to be around—which all adds up to a little crazy and a lot of fun.

I was raised right outside of Philadelphia (Lower Merion to be exact), spent the best summers of my life at camp and have a passion for traveling. I am a down-toEarth girl who loves fashion, style and working with people. I am a picture fanatic and never leave the house without a camera in hand. If you know me, you’ve probably been seen in a picture with me and it’s probably hanging somewhere in my room. I am currently a sophomore at the University of Michigan and call Ann Arbor my home. I love my life here at Michigan and everything that comes with it.

Moving in with 70 girls and living in the sorority house this year came as a bit of a shock at first. Of course, I had to have the most stylish room! I wanted to combine my own sense of style with funky, fun and interesting decorations. Out of all of the girls in the house, pretty much everyone would agree my room is the best (I have a king size bed and 3 closets to myself). When asked to write for Dormify, I didn’t even hesitate—this opportunity was perfect for me!

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