Style Advisor: Brooke Hamroff

avatar School: Washington University, St. Louis - Pi Beta Phi
My name is Brooke Hamroff and I am a current sophomore at WashU (IT’S IN ST. LOUIS). I’m a Long Island native who migrated to the Midwest to study Film and Media Studies with a minor in Writing, AKA I’m training to become a starving artist. St. Louis isn’t my ideal city, considering back home I’m only a quick LIRR ride from the glamorous island of Manhattan, but I’m trying my best to make do. St. Louis style isn’t exactly my forte – Midwesterners enjoy tanning, Vera Bradley, extreme amounts of Tory Burch with extra large T’s, and various forms of semi-permanent nail polish. As a result, I’m sure you can understand why I see it as my civic duty to bring some sparkle, glamour, and a little gluten-free diva style to the central time zone. My style is extremely east coast and conservatively edgy – my typical fall outfit consists of my mid-calf lace-up green suede army boots, dark jeans, a holey sweater, a circle scarf, and my corset-style leather jacket – not to mention my highlighted hair. I love all things Jeffrey Campbell, Oliver Peoples, La Rok and anything 1960's. I am not afraid to take a risk, even when it borderlines interestingly dangerous. In contrast to chancy style, my dorm room can be described as a French chateau in the midst of Missouri; it includes my white shag rug, double windows accompanied by sheer curtains, Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe photo shrine, and, of course, TiVo (as a film major it’s totally excusable). On another note, I am a proud Celiac, living a fabulous gluten-free lifestyle, but I sincerely miss chocolate chip cookies and chicken fingers (and anything else deep fried). I also believe that everything us girls ever need to know we can learn from Barbie and “Alice in Wonderland”. Follow me on Twitter (@brookitaa) to get links to my personal blog sites, as well as a look into gluten-free, trendy, east-coast-nostalgic life in the Midwest. You can get some style tips and ideas from my posts, not to mention some sarcastic humor and commentary. Also, keep an eye out for some film and television references!

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