Style Advisor: Caitlin Rogers

avatar School: University of Northern Colorado - Alpha Sigma Alpha

Hi there! I’m Caitlin and I’m about to be a junior (!) at the University of Northern Colorado, in Greeley, Colorado (infamously known around the state as smelling like cow poop and for being the “exact opposite of Hawaii” on South Park). However, despite the smell (which you honestly get used to!), I am absolutely in love with UNC and the college lifestyle. In fact, one of my favorite parts about college is having a fresh space every fall to decorate! Dorms don’t have to be drab and depressing, a goal of mine to prove to every college student out there! With cozy and stylish bedding, personal and interesting wall décor, and the right amount of organization, tiny dorm rooms can a retreat from the chaotic life of a college student. Despite my obsession with all things interior design, I’m actually majoring in elementary education with an emphasis in multicultural studies, another passion of mine. When I’m not studying or thinking of ways to rearrange my room, I can be found taking part in events for my sorority, Alpha Sigma Alpha, scouring my favorite design blogs and Pinterest, following hockey obsessively, reading cheesy romance novels, or picking up my favorite drink at Starbucks.

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