Style Advisor: Danielle Warren

avatar School: Cornell University

I am a nerd; but just because you’re brainy doesn’t mean you can’t be absolutely fabulous! I like to think of myself as a savvy chic-a-nista. I grew up on Long Island, New York, but now I thrive in a teeny-tiny single room at Cornell University. So, when it comes to fitting a whole lot of personality into a small space, I guess you can say I’m an expert.

As a biology major, I have a reverence for research along with my passion for fashion. I absolutely love science, food, cooking, and singing. In fact, I’m in an a cappella group on campus. I’ve always been a little “out there” with my style. I love a great pink sequined dress, a fabulous hat, and a puffy skirt (I’ve recently discovered crinoline). Oh, and of course, I live for a hot pair of shoes!

I have two fantastic older sisters, a very passionate father, and a diva of a mother. Everything I know about style and decorating, I learned from my mom. Put her in a home goods store and she will sniff out anything and everything fabulous.

My first semester at college was amazing. I had a lot going on, but I was devoted to showing my personal style. No matter how hectic my day was, when I got back to my room and saw the haute-couture art on the walls, pink everywhere, and my funky zebra print pillows, I felt comfortable; I felt home. The serenity of being surrounded by the things that make me who I am kept my feet on the ground through all the stress of school. I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, so I want to help those who may feel a little lost at school and want to bring more of their inner diva out! After all, there’s a little diva in everyone. I’m so excited that Dormify is giving me this opportunity to share what I know about being true to yourself and your personal style through all the curve balls college can bring. Stay tuned!

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