Style Advisor: Erin Pavacik

avatar School: University of Michigan
To my ladies out there livin' the dorm life, I'm Erin Pavacik. I'm a sophomore at the University of Michigan (go blue!) studying political science with the sky-high hopes of becoming a journalist some day. I live in Ann Arbor for most of the year, and adore my funky college town with my whole wolverine heart. I've been reading magazines since I was old enough to stash my mother's back-issues of Cosmos underneath my box spring, and have built up a repertoire of knowledge on fashion, beauty, and style. I'm not yet a verifiable goddess in the steezin' arena, but I know enough so that my dorm room was the constant hang out for two floors of my building, with unceasing freshman asking me to divulge my decorating secrets on making a room feel more at home. I dig style that's eclectic and inexpensive, while still looking like the million bucks each and every girl deserves. I think fluorescent lighting is the worst thing a girl can have in her room and that walls are meant to be covered, top to bottom, in whatever makes you happiest. After a year spent in a stuffy dorm room (and another coming up!) I'm so thrilled to have the chance to write about the living space that defines a girl and her style.

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