Style Advisor: Erinn Schaal

avatar School: Virginia Tech
Do you remember in high school when everyone constantly complained about how awful Pride and Prejudice was, but that one weird girl loved it? That was me. My love of all things Jane Austen, the Georgian Era, and reading the classics stem from that book. As quirky and bizarre as that seems, all of the paisley patterns, regal social standards, and elaborate estates helped create my sense of style. That, along with my dream home in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. When these two completely different things are combined, you get a modern, British inspired taste with a touch of surfer. When I was little, my favorite hobby was going with my parents to Lowe’s so that I could get lost in the paint section: those sample cards were the center of my world, and my room design ideas revolved around it. Now that I’m older, my hobbies have changed, but the general idea remains the same. I love going to thrift stores and pawn shops to pick out pieces for my much-anticipated apartment next year. I also love to write, do anything outdoors, speak French, and long board. If you would like to see more of my style, feel free to follow me on Pinterest!

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