Style Advisor: Fallon Behrens

avatar School: Texas State University
Hi! I'm Fallon, and I'm going into my second year at Texas State University. I love learning about other people and other cultures, and that is why I chose to major in international studies. That is also why I love socializing, meeting new people and making friends. I found my love of interior design my first year of college when I got to decorate my first dorm room. Unfortunately, I had to change dorm rooms in the middle of my freshman year. Fortunately, it was just another decorating experience that allowed me to absolutely fall in love with the art of decorating. Currently, I'm in the middle of Project: Decorate The New Apartment!! I am very excited and have been shopping in stores and online almost daily getting inspiration for what will be my living space for the next year. I'm also fascinated with fashion and beauty and am an aspiring fashion designer and writer. I love a simple, elegant style, but I could never pass up something fun and flirty. Describing my personal style, I would have to say it is Audrey Hepburn mixed with a day at the beach; I love the sheer sophistication of Audrey Hepburn and the pure fun in the sun, laid-back and party looks of spending a day at the beach. I also believe it should be summertime all year around, because the colors of summertime and summery styles are just the best!! (And that is reflected in every aspect of my personality.) Someday I hope to travel to Spain, France and Italy, because those places have amazing historic, artistic and architectural significance (not to mention the fashion in France and Italy!!). Find me on twitter @FallonDiane.

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