Style Advisor: Jennie Snyder

avatar School: University of Pittsburgh
My friends like to call me the “craziest sane person” they know. I like to be silly and weird, and tend to get myself into unusual situations – as a result, I always have entertaining stories to tell after-the-fact. My energy and enthusiasm (when not being directed towards offbeat adventures), is most often focused on my family and friends, traveling the world, working out, eating fabulous food (especially chocolate, froyo, lots of sauces), and fashion. Going into my senior year at the University of Pittsburgh dual majoring in Communication and Spanish, I am more confident than ever in my choices, my future and myself. Growing up with a very stylish mother and an older sister who knew she wanted to be a fashion designer since year one – I do not settle for a run-of-the-mill “plain Jane” aesthetic with my clothes or home décor. Even on a college budget, I have figured out how to make a space cohesive, stylish and mirror my personal style. Moving into different homes, dorm rooms, or even countries, I decorate each space by paying close attention to detail and really making it my own.

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