Style Advisor: Jen Gannon

avatar School: University of Maryland - Delta Delta Delta
If there is one thing in this world that I love (besides chocolate), it would definitely be design. Two of my biggest passions are design and writing, so being able to write for Dormify and bring the two together is the best experience I could ask for. I am currently a sophomore Journalism major at the University of Maryland doing a lot of hard news-based writing, so it is great being able to bring out my more artsy side – what I hope to be doing full-time once I graduate college. I’m from right outside New York City, and a lot of my inspiration and ideas come from things I see when I’m there. I am also a HUGE fashion, music, and lifestyle blog nerd (I can literally sit and scroll through websites for hours), so that is also where I find a lot of my ideas. Living in my sorority house with 67 girls is quite the perk as well; I get to experience and learn from all the unique styles of my sisters everyday. In addition to Dormify and my sorority, I am also the Director of Advertising for Society of Professional Journalists, a writer for, and a photographer for Unwind Magazine. I love getting my feet in the water, and going out to do what I love most. I think the most important the thing you can have at college is a space to call your own, and have it be a space that you love. A girl’s room should scream who she is; all you need is some design skills and a little bit of inspiration to make it come to life. That is where I come in.

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