Style Advisor: Julie Penhallegon

avatar School: University of Maryland - Delta Delta Delta
I’m a big fan of “effortless style.” I think more than anything else, it’s important for your personal style to be just that; personal. I’ve always known what I like and I hope I can inspire other people with my boho-chic look. I am currently living in my sorority house at University of Maryland in my junior year and I have about 20 sq. feet to design (I live with three other girls). I can’t wait for the day when I can design an entire room let alone an entire house. Two summers ago I spent 10 days in Paris—hands down my favorite European city—and everything there inspired me. From the architecture to just sitting in a café and people watching, I know that ever since then my style will have a Parisian flair. I’m a big advocate of keeping things simple, sleek, elegant, and above all; personal.

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