Style Advisor: Kayla Chassine

avatar School: Syracuse University - Delta Delta Delta

I always have and always will be a New York City girl, but my heart is temporarily in Syracuse, New York. I am a Sophomore at Syracuse University with a long time dream of one day working at a magazine. Ever since I got my first issue of Teen People when I was nine years old, I knew I was destined to work with fashion and design. I love Vogue, People, traveling, sleeping, the beach, Israel, photography, sunny days, iced coffee, mascara, big comfy sweaters, black leggings, chunky necklaces, oodles and oodles of bracelets, gold, reading, studs, fringe, hamsas, the evil eye, and tri delt! Although shopping is my absolute favorite pick me up, chipotle and red velvet cupcakes are the way to my heart. The hunger games, twilight and the O.C. are my guilty pleasure. I sadly (or maybe not so sad to my fellow fans out there) know every line to every episode of Friends. I own almost every item of clothing from American Apparel and wish I owned everything from LF, Urban Outfitters, Topshop, and Brandy Melville, but there just isn't enough closet room in the world for that all! I hope one day to buy a Chanel bag with a paycheck of my very own. Follow me on Twitter: @kaychass and Tumblr: yaffeahava.

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