Style Advisor: Kasey Dezelick

avatar School: West Virginia University - Alpha Phi
Since I was born I’ve had a love for fashion. Growing up I was the girl who had a puffy dress and a bow for every day of the week. In dance classes at the age of three I refused to wear just the black leotard and pink tights, I needed to wear a tutu along with an obnoxious tiara to complete my outfit. The next 18 years wasn’t much different. While I stopped wearing the puffy dresses I found a knack for putting together outfits and designing garments. My creativity is part of who I am. I seem to be able to look at something ugly and visualize its beauty. I’ve spent my past three years in college creating picture frames and decorating my rooms to be just perfect. I’ve found a way to make my sorority house feel like home and I’m excited to share my styles and ideas with the Dormify community. I can describe my style as trendy and fashion forward but with my own southern twist. I love fur vests and glitter, and pearls paired with cowboy boots. I hope you find exactly what you’re looking for within my blog here on Dormify!

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