Style Advisor: Kaitlin Griffith

avatar School: Ramapo College of New Jersey
Hi everyone! My name is Kaitlin (most of my friends call me Kate) and I am currently a junior studying marketing at Ramapo College of New Jersey. I am grateful to say, in the most modest way, Ramapo has some of the nicest dorming on the East Coast! This isn’t the only fabulous aspect of Ramapo, but also their women’s soccer team! This statement may be a little biased since I have been a member of the team for the past three years. Soccer is a big part of my life; it has taught me so much such as how to French braid my friend’s hair, how to make pre-wrap stylish, and how to make t-shirts look cute and a few other things like how to survive four-a-day practices. Although the ties of being a college athlete undeniably include a wardrobe of sweats, t-shirts, and gym shorts, I try to find time to wear the avidly selected collection of clothes I have organized and assorted neatly in my closet. Searching for a fashionable array of clothing is not the only obsession I have, but also organizing and detailing every wall, gizmo, and gadget I have in my room. My style is classic chic; I love anything sweet, classy, and elegant. I am super excited to be given the opportunity to share my, hopefully helpful and exciting, ideas on Dormify with you!!

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