Style Advisor: Lisl Knizner

avatar School: Grand Valley State University - Phi Sigma Sigma
Lisl here! As an alum of both Grand Valley State University and Phi Sigma Sigma, I've lived in basically every kind of housing you can think of. From dorm room to townhouse to sorority house to my room back home, I've had to personalize my space wherever life has taken me. My life can be pretty busy so I like to keep my space organized (a challenge!) while also reflecting my personality. When I'm not immersing myself in the latest in fashion and pop culture, I'm probably listening to music, building my portfolio or spending time with my friends and sorority sisters. College is an amazing adventure but so is life after. I try to make every day a new discovery. South American born, Michigan raised, big city bound. You can follow me on Twitter (@LMKnizner) and on Pinterest!

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