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Style Advisor: Liz Lash

avatar School: Duke University If there is one thing about me that is for certain it’s that I am very passionate about what I like and almost always know exactly what I want. Whether it is deciding what to have for lunch or picking out my prom dress, I rarely have trouble making a decision. I have very strong instincts, which I always follow. Along with my strong and decisive nature, I have always been very interested in fashion and keeping up with the latest trends. I can remember strutting around my neighborhood park in plastic heels at the young age of five, carrying a purse and wearing a dress while my other friends were rolling around in their jeans. I started picking out my older sister’s outfits before she started picking them out herself, and I continue to be her and my mother’s in house stylist. I love pairing things together and combining the most unusual fabrics and colors to form a unique look. When it came time to decorate my first dorm room I knew that it would be a longer journey then the five-minute drive to my local Bed Bath & Beyond I explored numerous home décor websites and various decorating and fabric stores in search of the perfect bedding, throw pillows, rug, frames etc. Although I thought I was approaching this project in an organized and smart way, I soon realized I was out of my league. I found myself overwhelmed by all I had to do and find. Transitioning to college really is no joke! I would be lying if I said that the anxiety and apprehension that I experienced those few weeks before starting my freshmen year easily went away, but I finally got it all together and am still learning how to make my dorm a more comfortable, stylish, and effective space. I hope that by reading my blog I can help relieve some of your stress by sharing some of my ideas and resources with you!

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