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Style Advisor: LaurenJean Rice

avatar School: Westminster College (Salt Lake City, UT) Sorority: N/A Bonjour! I’m LaurenJean (yes, it’s my entire first name!), a 19-year-old native Californian studying Elementary Education in Salt Lake City, Utah. I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of lady – you’ll pretty much always find me with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I’m completely in love with anything to do with traveling (I’ve been to over 15 different countries!), baking, DIY projects, hockey, and animals. Even though I’m a total Californian at heart, I generally don’t dress like it – skirts, cardigans, and headbands are my staples; I’m usually overdressed. I’m currently working for Westminster in the Office of Admissions as a Marketing assistant, which takes up most of my time outside of class. Since my job deals so much with social media, I’m just a tad addicted to technology. With that said, be sure to follow me on twitter (@laurenjean_rice) and Pinterest (! I’m so excited to be blogging for Dormify and looking forward to learning some tricks of the trade! Until then, keep calm and decorate on.

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