Style Advisor: Maggie Lancaster

avatar School: Michigan State
The ever – popular question I hear at least twice a week: “Not a Margaret?” “Nope, Maggie… just a Maggie.” I’m an 18 – year – old going on 68. I love all things vintage, floral, cream – colored, and hand made. I’ve been sewing since I was eight, but I mostly use my skills for re – purposing and repairs to Salvation Army treasures. I watch The Golden Girls, The Lucy Show, and Harry Potter on a regular basis. I love to read (my favorite book is White Oleander), and I am a DIY kind of gal. My room is plastered, really, with framed pictures from magazines, a signed picture of Bobby Orr, my own art, and a wall of “M”s that I have collected over the years. I’m from a small town just outside of Grand Rapids, MI. My extreme interest in the arts was nurtured at a young age by my supportive and fabulous parents. As a child I was always pretty spirited: playing soccer and football with the boys, making up dance routines to Aaron Carter with the girls, and tearin’ it up in the art room. I’ve bounced between numerous creative careers – fashion designer, interior designer, decorator, fashion journalist… the list goes on. After deliberating my career path for the past year, I have finally decided I will study journalism at Michigan State University this fall. Please follow me on Twitter (@LancasterMaggie) and checkout my DIY blog (

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