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Style Advisor: Megan Landau

avatar School: University of Maryland Sorority: Sigma Delta Tau Hi, I’m Megan! During my senior year of high school at Wootton in Rockville, Maryland, I interned at the Dormify office. Besides having a truly incredible and fun experience in the office (seriously, Dormify is so much fun) I learned a ton about style and how to make small spaces look fabulous. I brought all of my excitement and everything I had learned at Dormify with me when I moved to College Park. As a freshman at UMD, my dorm room is tiny but I have to say that it is one of my very favorite places to spend my time. I have way too many clothes, shoes, pillows, pictures and knick-knacks in such a small area but somehow I managed to make it all fit while still creating a cozy and stylish space. In my spare time you’ll find me creating playlists on Spotify and scoping out concerts, obsessing over Homeland and The O.C., laughing with my friends, hanging out in my sorority house (Sigma Delta Tau), pretending I’m a food connoisseur, at the mall, or dreaming about where I will travel next. Procrastinating is one of my specialties, but if you do catch me working, I’ll probably be studying Public Relations or International Development. I love to help people out and make people happy, so if you ever want some help styling your room or just want a good laugh, tweet me at @mergsss!

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