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Style Advisor: Mina Taylor

avatar School: Cranbrook Kingswood Hey! My name’s Mina Taylor. I live in Tampa, FL but attend Cranbrook Kingswood in Bloomfield Hills, MI. My school’s about half boarding and the other half are regular (day) students. I grew up with an older sister and now live with 100 girls, so individuality has always been a large part of my personal style and personality overall; that is to say I’ve always been a bit…eccentric. I love dogs and have a one-year-old dog named Chewy (yes, it’s short for Chewbacca). I’ve always loved to write and hope to pursue a career in journalism and video/media production. I’m an active member of my school’s forensics team, newspaper, and video production clubs. Currently, I love my dorm room, it’s a good reflection of not only my style but also blends well with my roommates, and must say I really enjoy residential life. It’s like having 100 different sisters from all over the world (closets to choose from included), and though I miss home all the time I enjoy it extensively (even though I’m still waiting on my letter to Hogwarts…). Follow me on twitter (@minajaytay), I promise I can make you laugh at least once.

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