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Style Advisor: Molly Virostek

avatar School: University of California Los Angeles Hi I’m Molly! I’m a freshman at UCLA and can’t wait to bask in the California sunshine and explore a new coast. I love to spend time with friends, play sports, and see new places. I’m interested in writing and fashion. Freshman year means a lot of big changes, and I can’t wait to decorate my first dorm room. I have always had an interest in writing and art, therefore my room naturally becomes a blank canvas for me to design and decorate. I love looking for creative ways to create color and excitement in the world around me. I’m in a triple (three of us girls in a very small space), and I'm not always the most organized- so I will have to use my most creative talents to manage space, keep organized and spread color!

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Stylights: Avoiding the Holiday Sugar Crash

Christmas cookies, no matter how festively decorated, always lead to a sugar crash. That feast of a Christmas dinner inevitably sends you…

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Stylights: Holiday in the Sun

As my first holiday season as a college freshman approached, I was a little skeptical. In Los Angeles, “chilly” is…

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Stylights: Treats, Never Tricks

This week, my color-coded agenda is on overload. Not only is it chalked up with To-Do lists for midterms, but…

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Stylights: Homecoming and Sisterhood, Redefined

I’m a big sister. I’ve been to homecoming. So…what’s all this Big-Little talk? What does homecoming in college entail? All…

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Stylights: Beauty and Brains

It goes without saying that Dormify is stylish. A Dormified room is colorful, trendy, and chic. But my favorite part…

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Stylights: Feeling Fabulous

We all have bad days, slow days, long days. Those days (usually Mondays or Wednesdays for me—the worst) make the…

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Stylights: Stylish Study Tips

Midterms snuck up on everyone pretty fast. Right as you were settling into your dorm rooms, rejoicing at the arrival…

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Stylights 101: Lessons in staying stylish

         You’ve moved in, unpacked, redecorated, and are finally settled into your dorm.  You’ve spent all…

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Stylights: September Forecast

It’s already September! Can you believe it? As sad as it is to part with summer, I’m always ready for…

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Stylights: There’s still time!

You know that horrible feeling that you are going to forget to pack something important? Is there anything worse? Well…

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