Style Advisor: Rachel Jeong

avatar School: George Washington University
Hi, I’m Rachel from Pleasanton, CA and I’m a sophomore at George Washington University in Washington, D.C majoring in Biomedical Engineering. Go Colonials! I know, I know, biomedical engineer, decorating rooms? I may be one of the biggest oxymoron. What can I say? While I may be a true nerd at heart, I have a slight obsession over shopping and decorating. If you ask me what my favorite color is, you will find that I won’t be able to pick out just one color. For me, colors represent a wide array of things ranging from emotions to simple representation of an idea, which is why I find colors to be charming. This may also explain why my wardrobe is filled with clothes from all different color families. To me, my family and my friend are everything. I love going skiing during winter since it gives me the sense of freedom. I devote a lot of my time volunteering and helping out for a good cause. I love s’mores, crepes with nutella and strawberry, white peaches, and dried mango. I know if I continue with the list, it will fill up the entire page so I will contain myself. Laughing until my stomach hurts or I start crying (whichever comes first), and getting overly excited over food are some of the few things that I do on daily basis. I’m so excited to share good laughter and inspirations with all of your girls!

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