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avatar School: University of California-Berkeley - Kappa Alpha Theta
Hey, I'm Roxie! I'm about to start my Junior year at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!!), and I can't believe I'm halfway through my college experience. It feels like just yesterday I was figuring out how to pack my enormous wardrobe into suitcases to fly from my home in Arizona up to "NorCal." I remember working tirelessly into the night for the first couple of days after I moved in trying to cram as much as I could into my shoebox of a dorm room (some of these solutions included hanging a collapsible storage device from a random hook sticking out of the ceiling, covering every square inch of the floor under my bed with organized boxes and buying more Wonder Hangers and Command Hooks than I care to recall). Since then, it's been a whirlwind of classes, new friends, delicious Berkeley food, studying, sports, sorority life and so much more. Amidst my ludicrous schedule, I admit my room can suffer the consequences--I'm talking a heap of clothes piling up next to my bed that my roommates nicknamed "The Volcano" consequences. But whenever I have a moment, the one thing that makes me really relax and feel one with the world again is cleaning, organizing and decorating my room. Just seeing everything in its place again makes me function so much better in my environment. This past year I was ecstatic to move into my sorority house, an experience that meant new bonding opportunities, so many people to craft with for Big/Lil week, endless laughs and yes--a new opportunity to decorate! Each room that I move into has a new look and feel that accompanies my changing (and hopefully maturing?) personality as I grow older but still has signature Roxie touches that make it my home. Some of these include my obsession with the color turquoise, an impressive nail polish collection and ever-growing picture collages of all the people I love. I hope that through my blogs I can help people embrace their inner style so that no matter where they move, there's always a way to recapture what they loved about the last place in their lives while adding some new flair. With any luck, I can also bring some insight into things I have had to deal with in the past, from space issues to all the ups and downs of sorority life, and leave my readers emerging with useful knowledge and the confidence to go take on whatever challenge is facing them (whether that be in the design/style realm or just everyday life). But really, don't those have more to do with each other than people think?

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