Style Advisor: Rachel Wells

avatar School: Pennsylvania State University - Alpha Sigma Alpha
My name is Rachel Wells, and I was born and raised in the city. (And by, “the city” I mean New York, of course!) I am a junior at Penn State and majoring in meteorology. Although I have taken to a math and science oriented major at school, I have always found a passion for design (growing up in one of the fashion capitals of the world). I love to experiment with different accents and accessories to change the look of a room whether it is at home or at school. (I am also a cupcake fanatic so don’t be surprised to see tons of cupcake paraphernalia woven into my taste.) I’d like to think of my style as very crisp, organized and fresh. I don’t always follow the popular trends, but when I do I make them my own. I always dream of my future home being decorated with Pastel yellows, bright blues, soft greens and strong reds. I love stripes, floral patterns and subtle sequins! My most favorite hobby is painting my nails and collecting nail polish. After decorating dorm room after dorm room, my final touch is making sure there is room for my portable plastic drawer full of little Essie bottles.

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