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Style Advisor: Shelby Avery

avatar School: Florida A&M University Hey! I'm Shelby, a third year business administration student at Florida A&M, where I am also a Resident Assistant! I go home to the windy city of Chicago, Il. My friends say I'm fun, creative, and most of all innovative! My hobbies are painting, playing tennis, going to the movies, and DIY projects. Throughout my life I have moved a little over 6 times, and that's how I found a love for interior design. I was always designing and decorating a new room, or changing up the one that I had, and that has been carried over to Reslife as well. I look for every opportunity to make my room feel as comfortable and look as nifty as possible, which leads my residents to try those ideas out for themselves too. I hope to share a lot of ideas and advice with you here at Dormify! Enjoy!

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