Style Advisor: Sarah Bowden

avatar School: University of Virginia - Delta Gamma

I would say I've been destined to deal with design and fashion since I was in kindergarten and told my mom that I'd be the one doing my own hairstyles from then on. Since then, I've not only stuck to my word but also expanded my knowledge of fashion from designing my outfits to designing my dorm room, apartment, and house. At UVA there is definitely a preppy side but also an indie-casual side that I've seen come out of me the longer I've been here. I love mixing classic prints with funky designs and turning traditional ideas into updated trends. This versatility has allowed me to mix design elements with one another that reflect my unique personality and interests. I'll admit that I'm the girl who brought a ton of stuff to college, but I've managed different organizational ways (that are trendy and I would love to share!) to fit it all in my room to make the space feel cute and clean. My latest challenge is redecorating my room in my new house, and I’d love to share my tips, style and ideas with all of you!

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