Style Advisor: Samantha Levine

avatar School: University of Michigan - Sigma Delta Tau
My name is Samantha Levine and I am a current Sophomore at the University of Michigan. I'm from Great Neck, New York and I am majoring in psychology. Ann Arbor fashion is definitely very different from the trendy New York look. The Mid-West style is much more laid back and simple. Considering a huge part of the student body comes from the North East, I am not alone in my confusion with Ann Arbor fashion. Luckily we have all brought our entire wardrobes to school so we are able to swap clothes daily to avoid shopping in Ann Arbor. Bed, Bath and Beyond is actually a gold mine for dorm room decorating and they make a fortune off us girls who want to deck out our rooms. Ann Arbor is a very hippie and low key town but the other East Coasters and I have definitely brought our culture to the University of Michigan.

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