Style Advisor: Sydney Sherman

avatar School: Washington University Alumna - Pi Beta Phi

Having grown up in New York (not the suburbs--the actual City), I am often asked why I chose to go to school in the Midwest. While it might not seem like the most exciting of places, it was the perfect balance of East and West, and I loved the contrast of our hectic lives as students with the quaint backdrop of St. Louis. Though I sometimes forget it and secretly deny it, I am no longer a college student. Now that I am back home, I face the daily challenge of finding places that balance out the fast-paced New York lifestyle. My favorite spots are neighborhood coffee houses and bookstores, and if I could I would spend hours on end in a cozy corner reading. I never grew up with a television in my room, so my goal is to have my room in my new apartment exude the same level of calmness as a local bookstore, and the focal point will not be a TV, but instead quirky coffee table books and fun pieces of art. In the process of choosing the right mix of furniture and style, I’ve learned one key lesson: you’re never too old to Dormify your space.

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