Style Advisor: Tylia Hernandez

avatar School: Nova Southeastern University

Hi There! So I’m Tylia and I am currently a freshman, soon to be sophomore at Nova Southeastern University. I study marine biology here at NSU, a private university in sunny South Florida! Though my major is far from decorating and design, I have this thing that I love to make everything bright and bold, to give personality to any area, item or person. Basically the student that after the first week of move in day my walls were completely covered, with posters, pictures and everything else you could imagine. I have also been very crafty for a long time, I love making bracelets, knitting, making shirts, and of course decorating and planning different activities. I am going to be an RA next semester so I will definitely be giving hints to all my residents on decorating their dorms. So here are a few of my favorite things: Stand up Paddleboard, Scuba Diving, my black spotted eel, gyros, wonton soup, laughing, sarcastic jokes, bright nail polish, lazy days, the different shades of the color blue, being underwater, dresses, American Eagle and Urban Outfitters, I looove shopping!, scrapbooking, pasta, country and indie music, cheese, helping the environment, I am considered a hippie and a tree-hugger, but I don’t mind so basically that goes to say my style is very free-flow and down to earth, I like flowy clothes, boho, that sort of stuff. Being in the US has been one of the best experiences I have had up to know, and being part of the Dormify team now has really put the cherry on top! So follow me on Twitter (@icetealia) and have an awesome day!

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