Style Advisor: Vanessa Dickerson

avatar School: University of Maryland

Hi guys! My name is Vanessa Dickerson, and I'm a junior at University of Maryland-College Park. I'm currently majoring in Elementary Education and Broadcast Journalism. I'm probably one of the most bubbly people you will ever meet at pretty much any hour of the day. I absolutely love meeting new people, but making another person laugh or smile is amazing to me. I've moved six times and I'm one out of five kids in my family, so it's hard to say where I grew up. But I spent my high school years in North Potomac, Maryland at Wootton High School. The only good part about moving a lot was getting to create and design a new room every time. Of course when I was younger, my mom decorated my room to whatever interested me at the time. As embarrassing at this sounds, I went through phases like butterflies, Disney princesses, Olympic gymnasts, and of course pink everywhere. I was a competitive gymnast for 13 years, and one of the best days of my life was qualifying for Level 10 Junior Olympic Nationals. After gymnastics, I went on to do competitive cheerleading at Maryland Twisters. I've had to take time off due to injuries and such, but I hope to get back into in next semester! After doing two years of community college and living in the same space at home, it was exciting to decorate my room in my apartment that I could call my own. I absolutely love pictures, especially pictures that contain memories that I don't want to ever forget with my friends and family. I also love inspiring quotes that I can hang anywhere and read whenever I need a boost. Dormify offers products that help me decorate my room with both! I can't wait to blog for Dormify and share my fun, creative ideas with you! Enjoy :)

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