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DIY College Budget Gifts: Mason Jars!

When you are on a college budget and you want to get a friend something ... Read more

Dear Diary

Most people hate writing. I mean hate writing more than you already have to for ... Read more
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A Skyline for Your Walls

I love Do It Yourself projects and i love it even more when i see ... Read more

Through the Looking Glass DIY

My roommate recently went to a salvage yard and sent me pictures of some amazing ... Read more

DIY: Spring Flowers

The doom and gloom of winter is still lingering outside, my friend couldn't have said ... Read more
Sharpe Wooden Surfaces

DIY: 10 Sharpie Projects

DIY Sharpie Projects are the most cost-efficient decorating method known to college students. While the ... Read more
DIY lemons

DIY: Fruit Prints

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DIY: No Dorm TV? No Problem!

Televisions in your dorm room can often times be distracting when you are trying to ... Read more

Re-usable phone case!

Ever loved how a phone case fits your phone but didn't like how scratched up ... Read more

Happy Week

College is amazing, there is no doubt about it. However, there are days where I ... Read more