The summer is the best time for DIY projects. I love sitting around with my roommates crafting coolers and creating picture frames. Pinterest is the best place to start when trying to find ideas to give your room a twist. Lately, I’ve found some great ideas to update my old frames. Here are a few of my favorite DIY frames:

1. Fill a shadow box with ornaments

Take any color shadow box and instead of adding pictures and scrapbook items, add colorful ornaments to create a different piece of artwork! 


2. Make the frame into a chalkboard

Take an ordinary inexpensive frame, and paint it a bright fun color. Then take chalkboard paint and paint the glass in the middle.  Voila, a handmade chalkboard!


3. Turn your boring white frame into a colorful place to hang your pictures

Take the glass out of a frame you have, and put a light layer of glue on the outside. Then take your favorite ribbon or fabric and wrap it around the entire frame.  


4. Create a new way to hang pictures

Take a large picture frame and remove the glass. String a few lines of rope or ribbon horizontally across the frame. Then use clothespins to pin the pictures on the rope.  It’s definitely something you won’t find anywhere else!


5. Make your frame a great way to display your favorite quote

Take an old frame and buy stick on letters.  Letter out your favorite quote across the frame, then take whatever color paint you choose and paint over the entire frame.  Once it has dried, peel off all of the letters and admire your work of art!

Try one of my do-it-yourself frame ideas and turn your old boring picture frames into your own works of art!  Craft on fashionistas!