Do you dream of one day referring to Central Park as your backyard, proudly answering “90210″ when asked your zip code, or jet setting off to Paris with only a one way ticket? Not only are these great life inspirations, but also a great inspiration for room decoration! I know for me, I hope to one day be able to call Manhattan my home. What other way to be constantly reminded of your own “big city dream”, than to have the city right there in your room for all to see? Well, I have an easy and quick way to show you exactly how to do this with 3 easy steps.

1.)  Find a map of your favorite city. This can be any map, any size, whatever you find! Mine is from the National Geographic, so it provides little summaries for each neighborhood of Manhattan, which are always fun to read.

2.)  Frame. Framing your map adds a nice touch for a polished look. Also, add some paint to your frame if you like!

3.)  Hang. You can either just hang your map directly from the back, or add a chain and hang it from that.

It’s as easy as that! Find, Frame & Hang. An easy way to always continue to be inspired by your city dreams. 


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