A quick anecdote — almost two short years ago, myself and three roommates moved into our very first apartment. As sophomores, we were super excited to be living off campus; but our parents were less then thrilled. The apartments in the specific complex where we would be living were in questionable condition (lets just say the first thing my mom did when we arrived to move in was call a cleaning service to disinfect the apartment). Anyway, it was the “place” to live for your sophomore year and we were going to make it work. Staring at the blank white walls and closet doors, we knew we were going to need to spice it up a bit. Knowing we would be living in this apartment for only a year, we decided we didn’t want to go all out and paint all of the walls (although one night me and a friend did randomly decide to sponge paint one of them). After moving all of the furniture in, hanging pictures on the wall, and decorating a bit; we all decided on one “home¬†improvement” project. We were going to turn one of the closet doors in our living room into a chalkboard. After a quick adventure to Lowes, our vision finally became a reality – we had our very own chalkboard door.¬†

A lot of our friends had their own versions of chalkboards in their apartments so I can’t say that we get full credit for the idea, but I can say that it was a success and I would highly suggest it. Everyone who came over loved leaving their own mark on the door. It really gave our bland apartment the fun and personal touch we were looking for. Not to mention, it doubled as a fully functioning place to leave messages and reminders. Although we did a small piece of our apartment (a closet door), I know many people who had much larger chalkboards. Some painted right onto the wall and used molding to create a frame right around the board. Others painted an entire side of a room in chalkboard paint (although I wouldn’t suggest that unless you want to lean against the wall and get chalk all over your clothes). There are really an endless amount of ways to use chalkboard paint in your own apartment. It is a rather painless project so next time you are thinking of a way to improve your living space, think about taking the chalkboard out of the classroom and into your room!