One of the most exciting parts of getting into a sorority is all the presents you receive during Big/Little week and after initiation! This time around, however, I was doing the giving, not the receiving. I may have gone a bit overboard spoiling my little, but crafting turned out to be addicting. These are the lessons, tips, and tricks I learned while my room was transformed into crafting central.

 1.    When in doubt, bedazzle it

The best investment I made at Hobby Lobby (for those who don’t know, it’s the equivalent of Michael’s) was in a container of rhinestones. No matter how many you use, it never seems to run out. It adds a touch of glitz to anything to make it instantly special. Try outlining an image on a small canvas and filling it in with rhinestones, as I did with this crown!

 2.    Two words: Modge. Podge.

Modge Podge is the wonder glue. Simple solution for the artistically challenged: buy some cute fabric or scrapbook paper and Modge Podge it onto a canvas or wooden plaque. Then you can even paint a wooden initial and glue it on top for a pretty and personalized image to hang.

 3.    Trim-ishing Touch

You know when you look at something and it looks like it just needs a finishing touch? It probably needs some sort of ribbon or trim. There are so many patterns, widths, and colors to choose from that you’re bound to find something. Outline the perimeter of a picture frame or canvas with some lace, or tie a small bow and glue it in the center. Voila – complete.

 4.    Print It from Pinterest

I’m sure we can all agree that Pinterest is the best thing since sliced bread. How many hours have you wasted, scrolling through images of cute quotes and designs? Print your favorites and put them to use. I got a wine glass and taped it to the inside and painted a Lilly Pulitzer print on the outside. It’s like painting by number!



 5.    Paint Pens Are Your Friend

They may be expensive, but paint pens are extremely helpful for drawing and designing. You have more accuracy, and you don’t have the mess of using and washing out multiple paintbrushes. Some good colors to invest in are silver, black, and white to outline or fill in designs and make them pop.