As we all have come to learn, living in campus housing more often than not means limited– very limited space for placing and keeping our things in. If you’re anything like me, once you’ve run out of room in your drawers and on shelves in your closet, everything gets shoved under the bed. Not only does it make me feel like a pack-rat, but it’s quite an eye-sore. I have extra high bed raisers on top of this situation, so you can see even MORE of my clutter and junk under my bed…super cute. I decided to come up with an ever cuter idea though: to not throw out these things, or bring them back home, but to simply cover them up! Think of it as a cross between curtains and a bed-skirt for under your bed. There are many ways to tackle this project, and you can make it as mini, or major as you’d like. Best of all, there are no tools required! (And all for around $20)

Go from this… To this!


For those that are looking for the fastest and easiest solution, here is what you will need:


-1 tension shower rod, 72″ (try Target; around $10)

-your choice of curtains (make sure they can cover the width of 72″)

don’t go all out on these in terms of price, because you’re going to be cutting them up!

make sure you choose curtains that are not sheer, because the goal is to hide what’s behind the curtains. 

When choosing your curtains, try to pick a style that does not have loops for hanging off the rod, since this may take away from a seamless look, and could potentially leave areas showing from the top of the curtains.

-1 pair of decent scissors (fabric cutting scissors are ideal)

-(optional: fabric glue)



-find the metal bed frame on your bed set, which is what your mattress is on.

-twist out the tension curtain rod to be slightly past the length of the metal frame.

-slide the curtains onto the rod

-place the flexible end of the rod against one end of the metal frame, and then while pressing it in against the frame, move the other end of the rod in place against the opposite side of the frame. 

*note: there is supposed to be some resistance in getting the rod in place, because without the tension, the rod would not stay in place.

-once you have the rod in place, spread out your curtains.

 -you can either measure how much to cut off of the excess amount of fabric, take the curtains off, and then do so, or, if you don’t really care too much for having a precise straight line, then you can simply take the scissors and cut off the excess fabric while the curtains are hanging.

-for those of you that do care about a nice, clean, finished line and hem, after cutting the curtains, use the fabric glue to glue back the bottom of the fabric for a completed look.


For those that want a more custom look, here is what you need:

-1 tension shower rod, 72″

-your choice of fabric (make sure it is at least 72″ wide, and 36″ long) from your local fabric shop

-sewing kit (needle and thread), or sewing machine

-fabric scissors

-fabric glue



-after finding your fabric, you will need to cut it in half, to make a pair of curtains.

-you will then need to sew a loop at the top of the fabric that you will slide the rod through. (about a 1 1/2 – 2″ space for the rod, which means 3-4″ of fabric in total is used for the loop)

*note: make sure the loop is big enough for the rod to fit through!

-after sewing the two loops for the two curtains, place the rod through the loop.

-hang the rod in place against the metal bed-frame as instructed in the easier set of instructions.

-measure the amount of excess fabric that needs to be trimmed, and take the curtains back off.

-cut the excess fabric off, and then glue the hem for a clean, finished look. (you of course can opt to sew the hem instead)

-place the curtains back on the rod, hang the rod back in place, and then you are finished!


This concept can also be applied to those of you looking for an alternative to closet doors!