When I found out DayGlow—the world’s largest paint party—was coming to Tucson, I knew this was going to be another night of college I would never forget. This one-of-a- kind concert has college kids going crazy for paint and live music. Initially, I did not know what to expect from his highly anticipated concert that has been crossing the college nation.

Having friends that already experienced the show at University of Maryland and University of Wisconsin, they instructed me to wear all white. Being my fashionista self, there was no way I was just wearing a plain white T-shirt. So, I got creative.

Over the years, I have learned that there are so many ways to be different when you are supposed to look the same.

Below is an example, of taking a plain white tank top that has been given a distinctive design. With just a simple triangle, this plain white tank looks trendy and stylish. Throw on some neon glasses , a fanny pack, and high white socks and you are DayGlow-ready!

If you’re not headed out to DayGlow, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with what you are wearing. There are so many ways to take old pieces of clothing you don’t wear anymore and turn them into something else. Cutting up old sweatshirts has always been a hobby of mine. Cut across the shoulder, cut slices into the sleeves, crop your sweatshirt by cutting off the bottom…the possibilities are endless!

This big and over sized t-shirt was something I had found in my brothers closet. I decided to cut the collar off and crop it. Perfect for throwing on with leggings before an early class.

Cut a regular tank into a racer back. Cut the back up with some slits. Go scissor crazy! Love throwing this on with a bathing suit.

These old jeans I had a lot of fun with. I decided to cut the knees up and give these old skinny jeans a new wash look. So I took a bleach pen and had went crazy around the places I cut on the jeans. Take the scissors apart and give the ends of the rips a tear look.

This old DG TShirt was a hand down from my big in my sorority. I cut up the collar and made it a perfect gym ready tshirt. She now begs me for it all the time.

This sweatshirt is so old and comfy, it is really one of my favorite items. It is cropped and cut very low. Perfect and light for my Arizona weather!

For a rainy day: Go into your closet and pick out 3 things you absolutely don’t wear anymore. Whether it is too big, too small, has a stain on it, etc. Then, I want you to get yourself some scissors, a high-fashion magazine, and maybe some Sharpie markers. Flip through the magazine and get ideas on what you can do to your clothes. Have fun and be creative!

“In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” –Coco Chanel