One of the highlights of being in college is when you turn 21 and are finally legal! Well, my roommate just jumped on the bandwagon, and I came up with an interesting gift idea for her. I created a bouquet of miniature liquor bottles. I used a sand bucket, stickers, sticks, tape and a Styrofoam ball all from Michael’s Craft Store. Take a look at this inexpensive and fun gift idea! 


Materials I used:

 Sand Bucket






Tape and Sticks


 Filling Decoration  


 10 Miniature Liquor Bottles  


 Styrofoam Ball




1) I placed the letters and the stickers on the bucket


(Front View)



(Back View) 



2) Bedazzled Shovel




3) Tape each miniature to a stick




4) Then insert into the Styrofoam ball and add decorative filling 




 Final Product:  



 My roommate loved the bucket and had a great 21st birthday!