Moving into your dorm freshman year can be an emotional, crazy, unorganized mess…especially if you’ve only packed the night before. But there’s nothing worse than moving into your room, setting up all of your stuff, looking over to your new roommate’s side and realizing you have a lot of the same things!

(Don’t laugh this actually happened to me.)

 The good news is that it looks like you and your new roomie will get along great. The bad news?  Anyone who sees your room might think you over coordinated and are carbon copies of each other. And don’t you want your own style? How boring are all those Bed Bath and Beyond products anyway.

 Here are a few simple, inexpensive DIY projects that will not only let your personal style shine through, but maybe even strike up a conversation with someone new!


Project 1: The Laptop Case 

Everyone’s got a laptop. Almost everyone’s got a laptop case. This is one of the best things to personalize because it goes with you everywhere and all your new friends will see it. So why not make it everyone’s envy?

I took one of my old Macbook Pro InCase cases and gave it a brand new look. All you need is Elmer’s Spray Adhesive, fine glitter, and Mod Podge. And if your case is dark or patterned white spray paint.


Start by spray-painting your case white, and let dry for about an hour.

Next, spray your adhesive spray as evenly as possible, over the entire surface and then sprinkle your glitter (rather heavily) on top of the adhesive, and let it sit like that for about another hour. After an hour or so, gently lift the case and tap one side of it so the excess glitter comes off.

After this you can either repeat with another layer of glitter, or seal in the glitter you have with a generous layer of Mod Podge. Keep in mind that Mod Podge can take up to three days to completely set. I let mine sit for about a day and it was fine.

For a more personal touch I bought stick on letters and made my own monogram outlined in gold. If you’re going to add this, be sure to do it BEFORE your layer of Mod Podge.


You can also do the bottom of the case the exact same way. Before I started, I used masking tape to protect the little rubber feet and holes that the computer would use to help keep it cool. So far it has been working great!

Project 2: The picture frame

 You can use the same technique on a lot of different surfaces. For example, picture frames. Michael’s sells good-sized wooden ones from $1 to $5. The one I used was actually from Walmart and only 97 cents. 


With your left over adhesive spray, glitter and Mod Podge you can have a frame for your desk that matches your computer, or get a new color of glitter and go in a whole new direction.  Using the same technique, start with the adhesive spray, pour on some glitter, let dry and add a layer of Mod Podge. 



With this frame, you can spell out anything on the bottom. My frame happens to be dedicated to my big sis and sorority, Tri Delta, but your frame can be dedicated to your best friends, sports team or family. Whichever you chose, this is a great way to bring a little piece of home with you to school.


Project 3: The Box

I’ve been putting my make-up in the same flowered, cardboard box for years. Recently I decided it needed an upgrade. For this project, you can use virtually any box, and put anything in it! Organize school supplies, make-up or hair accessories in a completely unique and stylish place. 

For this project all you need is an old magazine, some tissue paper and Mod Podge. First, I measured out several pieces of tissue paper to cover the lid and inside of the box. Once those are done, adhere them where you would like using the Mod Podge. And, feel free to mix it up! Use different patterns and colors to really make your box pop.

Next, cut out your favorite pictures, words, or phrases that you think would fit on the box. Once you’ve cut everything out, map out how you want to arrange these cutouts. And then, you guessed it, Mod Podge! Use the Mod Podge to adhere your designs to the outsides of the box and then add a protective layer of it over your design so none of the corners stick up or become unglued.



And there you have it! Three simple and inexpensive ways to add your own style to those boring dorm room supplies.